About Shaikh E Darkhwasti Academy

What do We do?

Shaikh-e-Darkhwasti Academy provides a wide range of offline & online Islamic courses both for kids & adults. We are aimed to provide quality Islamic education while strictly binding ourselves with the guidance of Sharia. Alhamdulillah!

Our vision is to spread the knowledge of the Quran & Sharia and build generations of academically excellent Muslims around the world.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision & Mission

Who We Are? (A Brief Introduction)

Inheritors of the Legacy of Hazrat Abdullah Darkhawsti (R.A)

Shiekh-ul-islam, Hazrat Abdullah Darkhawsti was born on the 9th of Muharram, 4 AH, in the year 1891, in a small village near Khanpur, Punjab,
Pakistan called Basti-e-Darkhawst and for that reason, he was renowned as Hazrat Abdullah darkhawsti.

He founded Jamia Makhzan-ul-Uloom in Khanpur and organized Qur’an and Hadith gatherings for almost fifty years there. For his extraordinary services and knowledge about Islam, he gained international fame and centrality due to his knowledge and mysticism about Quran and Hadith

About five thousand students from all over the world came to you who quenched their thirst for knowledge about Hadith & Quran. There is no region of the world that is empty of the students of Hazarat Abdullah Darkhawsti.

After him, his grandson known as Shiekh-e-Darkhawsti, Hazrat Shafique-ur-Rehman Darkhawsti performed teaching duties in Jamia Makhzan-ul-Uloom and for almost fifteen years as Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth, Shaykh-ul-Tafsir, Nazim-e-Taleemat, Raees-e-Dar-ul-Fatah, he taught Hadith and Tafsir lessons with Hazarat Abdullah Darkhawsti.

For two years he continued to perform duties in Darul Uloom Islamic Mission Bahawalpur as Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth, Shaykh-ul-Tafsir, Raees Dar-ul-Ifta’i, Muhtamim, and continued to irrigate the thirst for religious knowledge.

Shiekh-e-Darkhawsti taught Hadith lessons for forty years and the students of Hadith from all over the world came to him and quenched their thirst for knowledge and today there are thousands of students who learned Hadith from you at home and abroad.

He was a true lover of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Even those who were with him would fall in love with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Since 1990, the grandson of Hazrat Abdullah Darkhawsti, Hazrat Hammadullah Darkhawsti has been teaching at Jamia Abdullah bin Masood Khanpur University. For almost eighteen years he has also been serving as the Dean of Teachings, Deputy Superintendent, Professor of Hadith, Professor of Tafsir at University (Jamia) Abdullah Bin Masood Khanpur.

He learned the lessons of inheritance from his father Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Hazrat Maulana Shafiq-ur-Rehman Darkhwasti (may Allah have mercy on him) and Hazrat Maulana Mufti Abdul Qadir Sahib of Kabirwala.

He read the lessons of Tafsir from Shaykh-ul-Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Darkhwasti (may Allah have mercy on him) and Shaykh-ul-Tafsir Hazrat Maulana Shafiq-ur-Rehman Darkhwasti (may Allah have mercy on him).

In Loving Memory Of

Moulana Abdullah Darkhwasti

Moulana Shafiq Ur Rehman Darkhwasti

Moulana Hammad Ullah Darkhwasti​
Moulana Hammad Ullah Darkhwasti Supervisor
Principle : Markazi Jamia Abdullah Bin Masood
Principle : (Girls University) Jamia Aisha Siddiqua
Chairman: Shaikh-E-Darkhawasti Trust
Director: Shaikh-E-Darkhwasti library, Maulana Shafiq-Ul-Rahman Darkhwasti
Moulana Sufiyan Darkhwasti
Moulana Sufiyan Darkhwasti Chairman
Administrator of education at university (Markazi Jamia Abdullah Bin Masood.He is Islamic scholar and Qari-Ul-Quran. He teaches, tafseer, hadith and fiqh at the Markazi Jamia Abdullah Bin Masood, he learned the lessons of inheritance from his father Shaikh-Ul-hadith Maulana Hammadullah Darkhwasti and his grandfather Shaikh-Ul-hadith Maulana Shafiq-Ul-Rahman Darkhwasti.
Skilled & Qualified